Alkyona Estate

Olive Oil Uses

Whilst Alkyona Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be used for cooking, our recommendation is for the oil to be used as a finishing touch to dishes.  The flavour of the oil lends itself to be used as a dressing on salads, vegetables, pastas, meats & fish, or simply over bread.  The oil also provides an additional flavour dimension to dips, sauces and dressings.  Using it this way will give you the maximum flavour and health benefits of using the oil in its rawest form.


Some of our favourite uses:

  • Drizzled over bread with a little sprinkle of dried oregano & rock salt.
  • Drizzled over steamed vegetables with a squeeze of lemon & ground black pepper.
  • Over grilled fish with a squeeze of lemon.
  • Over grilled meats.
  • Used instead of butter in baking, giving cakes a more complex but moist flavour & texture.
  • When making bread.
  • Two teaspoons in the morning to maximise the health benefits.